What is Bible Journaling?

Have you heard of Bible Journaling? Bible Journaling is a way to use art and creativity as you study God’s Word. Back in 2014, a lady named Shanna Noel wanted to use her artistic talents to connect with God.  She began creating art on the pages of her Bible as a way to worship God.  Although she was… Read More »

Youth Group Lesson: Making Decisions!

Making Decisions Discussion Question: Ask the youth group:  “What decisions will you make in the next 10 years?” Allow them to brainstorm and share their answers.  Make sure they realize that they’ll be making several very important decisions! They’ll decide whether or not to finish high school, whether or not to go to college, whether or not to go to… Read More »

Three Easy Steps To Get Ready For A New Year

Do you remember getting new school supplies as a child?  There was something about that brand new notebook with its papery smell.  It was completely empty and waiting to be filled.   I feel that way every January.  There’s a brand new year before me.  I get a fresh start and a new chance to focus… Read More »

Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea

I want to share my favorite easy recipe for a festive Christmas morning breakfast.  You’ll look like a culinary genius with this impressive creation, but it’s so simple!  Christmas morning is often hectic, but it just takes a few minutes to make these cute Christmas trees using a can of cinnamon rolls!  Here’s how: You’ll only need four… Read More »

Are You Missing the Beauty of Christmas?

On a cold January morning, a young man stood in Washington, D.C.’s busiest metro station playing his violin.  As he played, more than one thousand people rushed by on their way to work and school.  In an hour’s time, only seven people stopped to listen briefly before hurrying on their way.  He collected $32 from… Read More »

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash During December

They say the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most expensive!  The average American is expected to spend $1,226 this holiday season.  If you find yourself short on cash this Christmas, I want to share some easy ways to earn extra cash during December.

Kids Easy Christmas Craft: Designing Ornaments

I want to share one of my favorite craft activities for kids at Christmastime.  It’s very easy, but can keep the kids entertained for a long time!   If you have trouble keeping the kids away from your actual Christmas tree, let them make their own!  My boys and I worked on one last year and they… Read More »

Holiday Shopping Guide to Help You Rock the Holidays!

The holiday season is here!  Selecting and buying the right gifts can take lots of time, so I’ve written some posts to help you rock the holidays.  I’ve included them all on this page, so you can find them all in one place.  In this Holiday Shopping Guide, I’ve shared my favorite tips for Christmas shopping and gift ideas… Read More »

10 Really Useful Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups!

Choosing a gift that someone can actually use is really important to me.  I don’t want to waste my money on something that’s gonna end up on the closet shelf or in the giveaway pile.  I want my recipient to know that I’ve tried to select a thoughtful gift that they will actually find useful. … Read More »