What is Bible Journaling?

By | January 16, 2018

What is Bible Journaling PinHave you heard of Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is a way to use art and creativity as you study God’s Word.

Back in 2014, a lady named Shanna Noel wanted to use her artistic talents to connect with God.  She began creating art on the pages of her Bible as a way to worship God.  Although she was eager to share her newfound form of worship, she worried that others would disapprove of actually drawing and painting in the Bible.

To her surprise, many women (and men) absolutely loved her idea.  Soon, others began to worship God by creating art on their Bible pages. Bible journaling was born!  Its popularity has continued to grow around the world.


When I first heard about Bible Journaling, I didn’t consider actually doing it because I cannot draw.  However, I was so intrigued by it that I finally purchased a journaling Bible (a Bible with an extra-wide margin for note-taking or artwork).  I had never taken an art class and hadn’t painted since I was a child, so I started with easier drawings.  bible journaling example

I soon learned that I could trace more complex drawings into my Bible and create beautiful artwork despite my limited drawing abilities.  As I gained confidence, I tried using several different mediums. I’ve been so pleased with the artwork that I have created.  Most importantly, I’ve spent more time in God’s Word than ever before and I have a beautiful Bible to prove it!

In my daily Bible reading time, I create art on the Bible page that I’m reading.  Sometimes, I write out the verse that speaks to me. Other times, I draw or paint a picture that represents what I’m reading about.  I use pens, colored pencils, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, rubber stamps, and ink pads.  Scrapbooking supplies, such as colorful papers, stickers, letter stickers, and washi tape, can also be used.Bible journaling

I like to listen to the Bible (using a Bible app on my phone or iPad) while I create.  Some days I listen to 15-20 chapters while I work!  When I learn something new from God’s Word, I often write it out in the margin so I’ll remember it.  I let the Word lead me as I decide what to create.

I’ve been Bible Journaling for several months now.  As I flip through my Bible, I see page after page of beautiful artwork that reminds me of what I studied and what I learned from God’s Word.  I’m so thankful that I found this wonderful way of connecting with God through creativity!

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If you are you interested in Bible Journaling, check out this post to learn what supplies I recommend:  Ten Bible Journaling Supplies That You Should Buy First.  Also, Dayspring has a full line of Bible Journaling Supplies by Shanna Noel.  Shop the DaySpring Online Store.




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