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Holiday Shopping Guide to Help You Rock the Holidays!

The holiday season is here!  Selecting and buying the right gifts can take lots of time, so I’ve written some posts to help you rock the holidays.  I’ve included them all on this page, so you can find them all in one place.  In this Holiday Shopping Guide, I’ve shared my favorite tips for Christmas shopping and gift ideas… Read More »

7 Amazon Offers That Will Save Money And Time! is changing the way we shop and the way we live.  And they keep upping their game!  They frequently introduce cool, new offers that help us save money and time.  And most of the offers are FREE or have a FREE trial period!  Here are a few of my favorite offers from Amazon: (DISCLOSURE:… Read More »

5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Vacation

There’s nothing better than taking a few days to relax and get away from everyday life! You might go to the beach, hike in the mountains, visit a historical landmark, or head for an amusement park.  There are a variety of options, but all of these vacations have one thing in common:  they can be… Read More »