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A Devotional For Discouraged Moms: Do the Things I Do Really Matter?

As a mom, do you ever feel like you aren’t making a difference in the world?  Day after day, you take care of children, clean the house, pack lunches, chauffeur kids to school and practices, go to work, prepare meals, and the list goes on.  You may feel that these mundane tasks go unnoticed and unappreciated. … Read More »

Kids Easy Christmas Craft: Designing Ornaments

I want to share one of my favorite craft activities for kids at Christmastime.  It’s very easy, but can keep the kids entertained for a long time!   If you have trouble keeping the kids away from your actual Christmas tree, let them make their own!  My boys and I worked on one last year and they… Read More »

Holiday Shopping Guide to Help You Rock the Holidays!

The holiday season is here!  Selecting and buying the right gifts can take lots of time, so I’ve written some posts to help you rock the holidays.  I’ve included them all on this page, so you can find them all in one place.  In this Holiday Shopping Guide, I’ve shared my favorite tips for Christmas shopping and gift ideas… Read More »

Creating Memories: 5 Simple Things My Children Absolutely Loved

What are your fondest childhood memories? One of mine is a middle school Beta Club party held at the school on a Friday night.  I don’t remember much about the party or who was there.  (Except that the teacher let us play Spin the Bottle.  What was she thinking?)  What stands out most in my memory… Read More »