300 Winter Activities for Kids to Do When They Are Bored!

By | January 20, 2018

300 Winter ActivitiesWinter brings cold weather, shorter days, and snow, which usually means we spend more time indoors.  That’s why winter often seems long and boring, especially if you’re snowed in!  If schools in your area are canceled because of snow, your kids may soon be saying that they’re bored.  But, there really are plenty of fun things to do in the winter – despite the cold temperatures.

So, I’ve compiled a MEGA list of 300 winter activities for kids.  This list contains indoor activities, outdoor activities, snow fun, physical activities, crafts, acts of kindness, and much more!  I suggest printing the list out and posting it where your kids can see it.  You could even ask your child to create a winter bucket list by choosing 50 or 100 of these activities to complete.  You can really beat the winter blues with this list!

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300 Winter Activities for Kids to Do When They Are Bored

  1.  Build a snowman (or even a snow family)
  2.  Drink hot chocolate and experiment with different toppings (marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel sauce, crushed peppermint, etc.)
  3.  Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them on your windows
  4.  Have a snowball fight
  5.  Go ice skating
  6.  Spend the night with your grandparents
  7.  Make a snow angel
  8.  Invite friends over for a board game or video game tournament
  9.  Build an igloo in the snow using snow block molds
  10.  Make homemade snow by mixing 3 cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup of white hair conditioner.  It’s a little messy, but molds easily to build snowmen.
  11.  Go to a movie
  12.  Read a book with a winter theme
  13.  Make snow cream
  14.  Put up a tent in the living room and go camping
  15.  Have a pillow fight
  16.  Host a sleepover
  17.  Make a YouTube video
  18.  Have a Nerf War
  19.  Blow bubbles outside in frigid temperatures.  (They’ll freeze.)
  20.  Play with Play-Doh
  21.  Use Google Maps to explore your city or the world
  22.  Make a fort using cardboard boxes
  23.  Visit a pet store to look at animals
  24.  Use glue and glitter to make snowflakes on blue construction paper
  25.  Write out your family tree
  26.  Go sleigh ridingsleigh riding
  27.  Go on a day trip
  28.  Listen to an audiobook.  (Get 50% Off your first digital audiobook at AudiobooksNow)
  29.  Go bowling (many bowling alleys offer free or cheap games for  kids)
  30.  Visit a historical site
  31.  Have a family movie night with popcorn
  32.  Explore a new city
  33.  Make a graph of each day’s high and low temperature
  34.  Play charades
  35.  Make greeting cards and deliver them to a local nursing home.
  36.  Shovel the sidewalk or driveway as a family
  37.  Go snow tubing
  38.  Check Groupon for discounts to local activities
  39.  Make a pine cone bird feeder by filling it with peanut butter and bird seeds.  Hang it outside near a window so you can watch the birds.
  40.  Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, play Pin the Face on the Snowman.  Have players try to put on the snowman’s eyes and nose while blindfolded.
  41.  Take a hike in the woods
  42.  Make Shrinky Dinks
  43.  Learn to say your name in different languages
  44.  Eat dinner by candlelight (My kids eat slower, talk more, AND try foods they normally wouldn’t!)
  45.  Do an art project
  46.  Go to the playground when weather permits
  47.  Research a country you’d like to learn about
  48.  Fill a shoebox with gloves, a scarf, hand-warmers, food, etc.  Give it to a homeless person.
  49.  Make a Discovery Bottle.  Fill a plastic water bottle with water, silver glitter, and various tiny objects (foam snowflakes, plastic confetti, etc.).  Hot glue the lid back on so there won’t be any spills.  Enjoy!
  50.  Learn to cook something new
  51.  Make Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies
  52.  After building a snowman, stand about 6 feet away and take turns trying to toss a hat on his head.  Whoever gets closest is the winner.
  53.  Go swimming at a local gym with an indoor pool
  54.  Have a family game night
  55.  Stand on pieces of wax paper and “skate” around the house.
  56.  Play “Mother, May I?”
  57.  Bend pipe cleaners into the shape of snowflakes (flat, not dimensional).  Extend one pipe cleaner upward to be a handle.  Dip the snowflakes in paint and stamp them onto paper.
  58.  Visit the local library
  59.  Play Hot Potato
  60.  Go roller skating
  61.  Build a snow scene in a glass jar.  Use sugar for the snow and add miniature animals, pebbles, and moss using hot glue.
  62.  Examine a snowflake with a magnifying glass
  63.  Use Tempera paint powders mixed with water to make a thin paint.  Put each color in its own jar.  Use paintbrushes to paint the snow.
  64.  Visit a state park
  65.  Volunteer for a local charity
  66.  Research your genealogy
  67.  Build with Legos
  68.  Write a letter to a family member who lives far away
  69.  Stargaze indoors!  Get a large cardboard box.  Poke holes in one side with a screwdriver.  Using a strand of Christmas lights, put one light in each hole.  Lie down in the box and look up at the stars.
  70.  Have a Silly String fight
  71.  Go skiingskiing
  72.  Go to a coffee shop for a hot treat
  73.  Visit a waterfall.  (Frozen waterfalls are amazing to see!)
  74.  Play in the snow with toy dump trucks and excavators
  75.  Find a gym with a rock climbing wall
  76.  Play with Insta-Snow
  77.  Make some Jell-o
  78.  Bake cookies
  79.  Fill a large shallow container with shaving cream.  Play with toy cars and action figures in the “snow.”
  80.  Go on a winter picnic.  Bundle up and take a thermos of soup.
  81.  Snuggle on the couch and read a novel out loud for the whole family
  82.  Invite some friends over for game night
  83.  Go to a local park
  84.  Make a lava lamp.  Fill a tall glass container with 2 parts oil and 1 part water.  Add some drops of food coloring and part of an Alka-Seltzer tablet.  Enjoy the fizz and bubbles!
  85.  Join a winter sports league
  86.  Eat something you’ve never tried before
  87.  If there’s no snow, use a cardboard box to go sledding down a hill
  88.  Make your own jewelry using beads and strings
  89.  Go snowshoeing
  90.  Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot for a kid’s workshop
  91.  Play tennis on an indoor tennis court
  92.  Make paper airplanes
  93.  Use your phone to record a video of snow falling on the windowsill.  Then play it in fast motion.
  94.  Read a book to a younger child
  95.  Play with a hula hoop
  96.  Learn to play an instrument
  97.  Build a birdhouse
  98.  Write to a pen pal
  99.  Twirl a baton
  100.  Invite your neighborhood friends to play tug of war in the snow
  101.  Walk the dog
  102.  Watch a hockey game
  103.  Watch the Winter Olympics
  104.  Play the card game Uno
  105.  Learn to sew
  106.  Play a board game
  107.  Go snowboarding
  108.  Make homemade ice cream
  109.  Take a walk while it’s snowing lightly.  Be sure to bundle up!
  110.  Play Capture the Flag.  Tie a white flag (piece of cloth or felt) to a wooden spoon or stick.  Have one person hide it in the snow so only the white flag is showing.  Let everyone search for the flag until it’s found.  Record how long it takes to find the flag.  Let each player have a turn to hide the flag.  Whoever hid it for the longest time is the winner.
  111.  Visit a pottery shop and make something
  112.  As a family, cook a hot meal for your neighbors or an elderly person.
  113.  Play “Simon Says”
  114.  Collect winter coats and drop them off at a homeless shelter
  115.  Make a volcano
  116.  Visit a children’s museum
  117.  Play in the snow
  118.  Visit a cave
  119.  Play dodgeball using snowballs instead of regular balls
  120.  Go on a winter nature walk.  Collect interesting items that you find.
  121.  Toss a stick for your dog to retrieve
  122.  Build a snowman using Play Doh
  123.  Learn how to bake an apple pie from scratch
  124.  Go to a concert
  125.  Paint rockspainted rocks
  126.  Identify the constellations in the night sky
  127.  Play volleyball indoors
  128.  Go to a basketball game
  129.  Have a tea party
  130.  Put drops of food coloring in a spray bottle filled with water.  Use it to write your name in the snow.
  131.  Make a pot of spiced cider
  132.  Make sock puppets
  133.  Finger paint
  134.  Spend some time browsing at a local bookstore
  135.  Build an indoor obstacle course
  136.  Go to the zoo
  137.  Make personal pizzas using your favorite toppings
  138.  Play Tic-Tac-Toe
  139.  Build a tower with marshmallows and dry spaghetti
  140.  Visit a shut-in and brighten their day
  141.  Jump rope
  142.  Clean your room
  143.  Call a friend
  144.  Visit an aquarium
  145.  Do a science experiment
  146.  Build with Lincoln Logs
  147.  Practice making shadow figures
  148.  Work a puzzle.  Get a large one that the whole family can work on for several days.
  149.  Play with toy cars
  150.  Visit your local fire station
  151.  Color a coloring page with crayons
  152.  Draw a map of your neighborhood
  153.  Take pictures of your friends and family
  154.  Play “I Spy”
  155.  Draw your own comic strip
  156.  Create an indoor sandbox by putting rice or beans in a large shallow container
  157.  Decorate a t-shirt with fabric paint or fabric markers
  158.  Check on an elderly person that lives alone
  159.  Build a tower using playing cards
  160.  Ask an older relative what life was like when they were young
  161.  Plan and cook dinner
  162.  Write in your diary
  163.  Toss a balloon into the air and see how long you can keep it in the air without letting it touch the ground
  164.  Create a collage using dried beans and peas
  165.  Play leapfrog
  166.  Create a winter mural on a long roll of paper
  167.  Take homemade treats to your local police or fire stations
  168.  Search for animal tracks in the snow
  169.  Watch a new TV show
  170.  Build a bonfire or fire in a fire pit and make s’mores
  171.  Learn how to do origami
  172.  Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  173.  Toss out seeds or bread for the birdsbird in snow
  174.  Thumb wrestle with a friend
  175.  Take photos of winter landscapes
  176.  Take a knitting class.  Make hats for yourself and others.
  177.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  178.  Have a spelling bee
  179.  Let each family member guess how much snow is on the ground.  Measure with a ruler to see who’s closest
  180.  Let each family member predict how much snow will fall.  Measure after the snowfall to see who was closest.
  181.  Make your own popsicles by putting fruit juice in paper cups.  Let them freeze outside in the frigid temps.
  182.  Take ice skating lessons
  183.  Learn some simple magic tricks and do a magic show
  184.  Read, sing, or play music for residents at a retirement or nursing home
  185.  Play Pictionary
  186.  Learn to juggle
  187.  Do the Ivory Soap experiment (Put one bar of Ivory Soap on a microwaveable plate.  Microwave for 1-2 minutes.  The soap will expand while it cooks.)
  188.  Play with a yo-yo and learn some yo-yo tricks
  189.  Have a puppet show
  190.  Play hangman
  191.  Fill balloons with water, then put them outside overnight to freeze. Roll them like balls.
  192.  Do a paint by number kit
  193.  Take swimming lessons
  194.  Design your own race track using flattened boxes, masking  tape, and paper towel rolls (tunnels)
  195.  Visit a local tourist attraction
  196.  Have a race.  Give each participant a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, leg warmers, etc.  See who can dress the fastest.
  197.  Make a strand of popcorn. Place it on an outdoor bush so the birds can eat it.
  198.  See who can build the tallest tower using blocks
  199.  Find a geocache
  200.  Make a necklace using dried macaroni and a string
  201.  Use sticks to build a teepee or fort
  202.  Make a tie-dye t-shirt
  203.  Take a tour of a local factory
  204.  Visit a playground you’ve never been to before
  205.  Make stilts with tin cans and strings
  206.  Throw balls through a hula hoop
  207.  Have a snowball fight using socks. Form socks into balls. Give each child 10 pairs and a shield (they can make one out of a cookie sheet or cardboard)
  208.  Do a scavenger hunt
  209.  Shovel snow for someone in need
  210.  Make paper dolls
  211.  Learn a new craft
  212.  Have a fashion show
  213.  Build a snow sculpture
  214.  Build snow sculptures of your family members and dress them.
  215.  Play checkers
  216.  Bake a treat for your neighbor
  217.  Watch the sunrise or sunset
  218.  Play ping pong
  219.  Go to an indoor water park
  220.  Make homemade musical instruments
  221.  Take a Penny Drive.  Flip a penny at each corner.  When it lands on tails, turn left.  When it lands on heads, turn right.
  222.  Write and illustrate a book
  223.  Write, direct, and film your own movie
  224.  Learn card tricks
  225.  Play with glow sticks
  226.  Test random household objects to see if they’ll sink or float in  a bowl of water
  227.  Plan your summer vacation
  228.  Bake and decorate cupcakescupcakes
  229.  Fill a plastic under-the-bed storage box with water and add a few drops of blue food coloring.  Play with boats and submarines.
  230.  Make a time capsule
  231.  Make a friendship bracelet
  232.  Have a staring contest
  233.  Write a winter-themed haiku
  234.  Make your own word search
  235.  Eat an ethnic food you’ve never tried before
  236.  Make your own milkshake or smoothie
  237.  Paint with watercolors
  238.  Have a bubble-blowing contest
  239.  Take a bubble bath
  240.  Build a birdhouse using popsicle sticks
  241.  Job shadow a professional
  242.  Listen to music
  243.  Fill drinking glasses with water.  Add drops of food coloring and enjoy the show.  Mix two colors to create a new color.
  244.  Sing Karaoke with your family
  245.  Arm wrestle
  246.  Put on some upbeat music and dance around the house
  247.  Draw pictures on a large roll of paper
  248.  Draw portraits of your family members
  249.  Watch old home movies
  250.  Look at family photos
  251.  Sock Toss:  Place various sized baskets in a room.  Using a rolled up sock as a ball, see who can get the most socks into the baskets.
  252.  See whose paper airplane can fly the farthest
  253.  Face paint
  254.  Make a root-beer or coke float
  255.  Visit an airport and watch the planes take off and land
  256.  Plant some flower seeds in a cup
  257.  Update your bedroom
  258.  Have a coloring contest
  259.  Learn to play chess
  260.  Play a family football game
  261.  Start a scrapbook
  262.  Pop bubble wrap
  263.  Make a care package for a soldier
  264.  Learn a new card game
  265.  Have a family talent show
  266.  Make a zip-line for your action figures or dolls
  267.  Learn string games (like Jacob’s Ladder and Cat’s Cradle)
  268.  Make wind chimes
  269.  Make a paper boat.  Fill the sink with water and set sail.
  270.  Have an ice cream buffet with lots of toppings
  271.  Carve a bar of soap into a figurine
  272.  Bake a loaf of homemade bread
  273.  Use strips of paper and glue to make a chain
  274.  Play hide and seek indoors.  Turn out the lights for an added twist.
  275.  Read a joke book
  276.  Make homemade bubbles
  277.  Make a fort by putting blankets over chairs
  278.  Say tongue twisters
  279.  Make and address Valentine’s cards
  280.  Create a chain reaction with dominoes or blocksChain Reaction
  281.  Learn sign language
  282.  Write a story
  283.  Write thank you letters for your Christmas gifts
  284.  Do cartwheels
  285.  Make a car using a box (use paper plates for wheels)
  286.  Call a family member and chat for a while
  287.  Act out your favorite book
  288.  Play with magnets
  289.  Learn to cook a dish that has been a family favorite for many years
  290.  Make a collage using newspapers and magazines
  291.  Skype with family members that you don’t see very often
  292.  Draw your favorite cartoon character
  293.  Make a diorama using a shoe box
  294.  Build a model car
  295.  Make paper bag puppets
  296.  Write an 8-12 letter word at the top of a blank page.  See how many words you can make using the letters in that word.
  297.  Learn how to sew on a button
  298.  Play limbo
  299.  Invent your own game using items you find around the house
  300.  Make fresh-squeezed orange juice or lemonade

Congratulations to you if you read all the way to the end of this mega list! I told you there were plenty of things to keep the kids busy! If you can think of an activity that isn’t listed, please share it in the comments!




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